Thursday, 27 June 2013

Hook Line and Pain !

This Morning I was awakened by a call from the Nairn Harbour master Robert Barron, he informed me that two of the Swans were entangled in fishing line in the harbour, one of them was a Cygnet. By the time I got down there they had fled to the Island, and I could see that there was a hook, line and float, tightly wrapped around the Pens leg. My initial attempt to catch the Pen failed, so I turned to the only Cygnet that could not get to the water for it had line around both its leg and wings. This prompted an immediate attack by both Popeye and Penny, who inflicted severe blows on my back and arms. After cutting the line away from the cygnet, I was able to grab Penny and with a struggle managed to get her onto her back where I could get at the line around her leg. All this time Popeye was landing blow after blow on both my ribs and right arm as he circled me trying to hit my face as well. I can confirm that the force of the blows were indeed capable of breaking an arm or bone. Only my size and experience saved me from much more serious damage, but I am certain a child or weaker built person could easily have sustained a broken bone. I may well have a cracked rib and my arm is swollen and badly bruised. The real pain came from popeye's wing joints which were the equivalent of a jab from an elbow. Be warned, don't ever tangle with an angry defensive Swan !  In future I will want assistance to keep the partner at a safe distance while I do any rescue work.

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