Thursday, 26 September 2013

Wise Avian Adviser

This week I have had the pleasure of a visit from Sue Hulbert, The River Nairn Swans and Waterfowl Trust Avian adviser. Sue has come up to Nairn at her own expense from Swindon, where she runs a wildlife Sanctuary. 

Sue does excellent work down south caring for sick and injured animals and birds of all kinds, and has been kind enough to Mentor me, passing on her wisdom on the care aspect of waterbirds in particular. 

Some of the success I have achieved has been down to her good advice gained over 26 years, caring for Waterfowl and her previous knowledge as a wildlife ranger. 

She has enjoyed her few days in Nairn inspecting our river water birds and the beach area, and has been taken by the natural beauty of the place. Her verdict on our birds..... " they are extremely healthy and in excellent condition - wonderful !"

Sue gave me a beautiful gift photograph she took, of 3 Tawny owls of different ages she was nursing, as you can see it's a beauty ! 

Above are some of the variety of cases she has successfully handled, and a pic of Sue herself taken on the river today. The Trust is grateful for her membership, Free help and advice, and has our support and admiration always.

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