Saturday, 8 March 2014

Pairs and Spares

With spring not too far away, the ducks are picking their partners with the Drakes showing their fighting prowess. 

Many of the ducks have the same partners as last season with the younger ones coming into their first adult mating season. Some ducks have several suitors while others have yet to find a permanent mate. Sadly the 4 call ducks that were released into the river last year have all been killed, except for one drake.

He is a tough little character and has attached himself to a couple like glue ! He has been chased, bitten, and pecked, but he is besotted with a particular duck that has a mate, but she looks like his old flame that was killed.

He is spare but what a spirited little drake he is. 

The Halloween ducks that were saved 18 months back, have the same mates they had last year, they are beautiful ducks along with their sister who has 3 drakes constantly with her, she must have something  special !!

The beautiful white duck has the same mate as last season and all of them will be nesting soon.

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