Monday, 14 July 2014

Trust, Summer Update

Most of my viewers will already be aware of the main events this season so far. 

Popeye and Penny have produced 8 cygnets , bringing their total survivors since moving into the river at 49 to date. 
This years duckling count to date is 77 survivors and 96 fatalities that I am currently aware of, this will no doubt change . 

However this is the best season ever for the ducks on the river Nairn. I think the main reasons for this years success are several, the hatches are later than previous years which means more cover for the nesting ducks and more insects for the ducklings.

Warmer days and nights means less food required for survival, this includes the predators like the crows, which have also had increased carrion because of the deadly pigeon paramyxovirus which has affected many of the towns pigeons. This has taken the predator pressure off the ducklings for the time being. The mother ducks are also more experienced, a trend that I hope continues!
Membership of the Trust has now reached 124, for which I am truly grateful, the cost of feed uses all our funds. Rescued birds this season has now reached 34, most of which have survived. 

Later this week I will release the rescued Glebe road mother and ducklings into the river,

as well as a pigeon recovering from an injured wing.

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