Friday, 12 September 2014

This Week

Been a good week weather wise, and long may it continue ! 

Pigeon with the broken leg made a complete recovery, and today I bade her farewell and let her rejoin the town flock. It was a pleasure caring for her since she was so gentle and not a problem. A few days ago she was standing in her water bowl on top of the book case, so I gave her a bath in the sink. She thoroughly enjoyed the soaking , especially under her wings.

The 9 ducklings rescued prior to the big Bertha flood are almost fully grown after nearly 7 weeks, ( short clip below ) and will be returned to the river in 2 weeks time when they should be on the verge of flight. 

The other 8 hatched ducklings from the abandoned nest are growing, and the last two which I had to help out of the shells are finally starting to catch up with the stronger ones.

Nairn swans are also doing well and have frequent trips to the sea, but still come back up river for their vital supplementary feeding.

The autumn evening chill seems to herald the cheery twittering of the Robin, always enjoyable to hear them sing.

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