Thursday, 30 October 2014

Last Ducklings Release

The last 8 ducklings were finally released into the river today. River has been too high for the past week but today saw the level drop enough to let them go. Had a few anxious minutes when the lightest coloured and weakest one got swept away with the current and barely made it back to the bank.

They will have to strengthen their legs, get used to the other residents and learn from them. They should be able to fly within a week or so.

It has been a very tiring season for me with several broods to care for since the spring, counting the latest pigeon, 54 birds have been rescued this season so far. I hate to say it, but there is another duck currently nesting, she has been having regular afternoon feeds.

 If she does manage to hatch any, they wont last 2 days in these late season conditions. I will be keeping a watchful eye out for her.

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