Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Pigeon Wing Repair

Yet another Pigeon casualty visiting the garden. This one was trailing one wing on the ground and reluctant to fly. Easily caught, I had a close look and could see and feel the wing has been broken at the wrist. It has already started to mend in the wrong position and the wrist is a complex area for a break. I have bandaged it into a more correct position, but might be too late for a full fix, time will tell.


Unknown said...

Hi do you have an update on this story?
Have a pigeon with broken wing in care currently and have taped up wing to body to secure, luckily it’s a very fresh brake and there’s no surface wounds

jayteescot1 said...

Hi, If you have taped up the broken wing correctly and it is a fresh break, it should heal within 2 weeks. Wings are difficult to get fixed but sometimes it works.

The pigeon here was only able to partially fly but not that well. Most likely taken by a hawk.