Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Council Strimmers Destroy Wildlife Habitat

Last year the River Nairn Swans and Waterfowl Trust applied for funding through Nurturing Nairnshire, to plant trees and bushes for the wildlife and people to enjoy along the riverside.
Today the council Strimmers have destroyed many of the planted trees and bush habitat.

In spite of providing the council with a map showing the areas not to be cut more than 3 feet from the path last year,  they have allowed the destruction of this additional river enhancement. Personally I went to a lot of trouble applying for funding, winning it then personally paying for replacements when they were cut down last year. I planted more mature trees thinking they would not cut them down. 

They have tried their best to do so and stripped the bark from these young trees that will now die. Gooseberry bushes have also been cut away, bird cherry, and Rowan too.  These were placed so that the birds and people would get the maximum benefit from them when they grew up.
It seems we have a wasteful council who do nothing but excel at cutbacks ...including the wildlife habitat cutbacks !
They have a choice to replace all the paid for trees and bushes, or pay the Trust to replace them all again !
This was approved and voted for by the people at the Nurturing Nairnshire event last year. 


william mckechnie said...

just typical of the council,they dont strim and cut where its needed,and strim/cut where it should be left alone,i would persue said council for re-imbursement for bushes/plants destroyed by their actions,

jayteescot1 said...

I would agree, there are other places that are in need of strimming.I have asked the ward manager for reinstatement of trees and bushes or the finance for us to re-do it.

Anonymous said...

Why were the new bushes/trees not protected with strimmer guards as is common practice for any planting?

jayteescot1 said...

The council was given a map showing the area planted with instructions not to strim any more than 3 feet from the edge of the path.
These plants in any case were planted more than 4 feet from the edge. The one pictured above was about 7 feet from the edge !!!