Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Island Takeover Bid

The two young swans have not given up trying to takeover Penny and Dukes territory. 

Today was their boldest attempt yet, as they flew over a couple of times before landing beside the nesting island.

Penny and Duke were having a nap at the Merryton bridge but soon rallied as the youngsters landed. 

Penny was first to mount the attack followed closely by Duke. The youngsters  were quick to realise that this was going to be no walk over.

Penny knows that Duke is still vulnerable due to his moulting being incomplete he is unable to fly for another week. Swans use their wings as weapons, but when moulting they risk severe injury if the feathers are not mature enough to take a pounding.  Pen swans moult before the Cobs, so Penny was capable of fighting and took the initiative.

The youngsters thought by leaving the water they would be left alone - not so !

Penny and Duke were determined to make them leave the entire territory and the red line is off the end of the pier ! 

Penny escorted them down river but Duke held back knowing she had everything in hand. I suspect one of the youngsters will likely be Penny's offspring. The sequence of shots tells the story.

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