Friday, 23 February 2018

Siberian High....Sigh

The long awaited Siberian weather is starting to close in . In many ways I am quite happy, as it will delay the ducks that are keen to nest, probably saving some duckling lives. 

The weather is something that none of us can predict a month in advance, so many young inexperienced ducks get fooled by the longer days and brief mild spells. They stand more of a chance later in the season, when there is warmer days, shorter nights and insect life for the ducklings to eat.

Meanwhile it's just a case of killing time waiting for warmer March weather and keeping yourself in trim. Male Red Breasted Merganser starting to look his best for the up coming season.
Short movie clips below of handsome Duke having a Preen, and Limpy and Disco getting in the mood for mating, although Limpy is barely 8 months old and yet to chance his luck !

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