Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Weegie is Back

The injured Duckling was today at the Vets. Prognosis for full recovery is bad. After an X-ray it appears that this is not a slipped tendon, but more likely a developmental issue with bone at the hock joint damaged and not fitting together as it should. Normal usage of the left leg will not be forthcoming, which is a huge disappointment to me. However, having already 2 disabled ducks in care -Disco and Limpy, it looks like there might now be a third. After discussion with the vet we decided to splint the leg in the best position and continue with medication for the next week when it will be checked and renewed to allow for growth. Even if it gets partial use it could still have a life of quality with the Trust. 
This duckling is a livewire and have decided to call it "Weegie",  all Scots will recognise the term, as Slang for Glaswegian - usually implying a real fighter !

Printed out a new photo of it's Mum to watch over it in the brooder box.

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