Saturday, 13 October 2018

Departure Looming ?

Nine Swans observed flying over the Dunbar golf course this morning, most likely Penny, Duke and the cygnets. 

There have been signs of Penny distancing herself from the youngsters lately, it looks like she is preparing for the final goodbye to this years brood.

The timing is about right, as this would give her 6 months R and R before the next breeding season.
The cygnets are in great condition, having had an exceptional start to life this year. 

They have been flying for a month now and quite capable of life without Penny and Duke.
With rain forecast for the next 18 hours, the river will be high tomorrow and might suit the departure of the cygnets at this time. In any case, I think they will be gone this Autumn and unlikely to remain until spring. 

Penny is the Matriarch and will dictate the course of events, as she has done for the past 11 seasons - she is one remarkable Swan ! 

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