Thursday, 1 November 2018

Dog Threat Again !

Once again the river wildlife came under attack this morning. 

A local man with an out of control spaniel, attacked the Swans and ducks at Merryton bridge. It came within inches of grabbing one of our swans. Dog similar to the one above. Believed to come from Boath Park area of Nairn.
This man seemed to think that the river wildlife was fair game for his dog, having the temerity to blame me for feeding the birds there !! The dog was untrained and out of control, and a threat to any wildlife, which is totally unacceptable. All wild birds are protected. 

Within minutes of this incident another Spaniel of the brown and white variety similar to this one ,was chasing an injured Gull along the pathway. Whether it had been grabbed by this or the previous dog is unknown. Clearly some people are still not heeding the Scottish outdoor access code, which states that dogs should be kept under close control in areas that have lots of wildlife. We have over 200 birds that overwinter on this tidal area of the river and everyone in Nairn knows it. The Trust spend a lot of time and money caring for our wildlife, and wont tolerate irresponsible dog owners. They will be reported

We know from experience what out of control dogs can do to our wildlife, as these photos show. 


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