Friday, 20 September 2019

Pigeon Rescue

UPDATE:   After further observation and examination, it became obvious that the pigeon does have a broken wing !

I have bandaged it into the best position that I can manage, and giving it an anti inflammatory twice a day.
Recovery will take some weeks, and there is no guarantee it will ever be able to fly...fingers crossed !  

Local Dog Warden Angie Taylor, saved a Lucky young wood pigeon this morning. Angie stopped the traffic at Tradespark when she spotted a newly fledged pigeon in the middle of the road, it was a miracle that nobody flattened it, as vehicles and lorries were driving over it. It was injured and Angie did not want to leave it by the woods edge, so brought it round to me, she previously did this a couple of years back with another pigeon. As far as I can tell, it has taken a knock on the right side, lost some tail feathers and right wing ability may be compromised.

Looks like it may have just come out of the nest for first time and possibly landed on the road.

Have given it some TLC and keeping it quiet for the time being, hopefully it will make a full recovery. Wood pigeons are one of my favourite birds, the squabs are so gentle and good natured.