Monday, 7 October 2019

Injured Duck Family Success

Entering their 7th week, the previously injured duck that was nesting on the swans island, has been one of the most successful breeders on the lower river this year. 

She has managed to save 7 out of the 10 hatched on the 24th of August. All the more amazing, as she could not walk at one stage and was forever sitting down or standing on one leg. Nesting late in the season seems to be catching on with some ducks, and these are often the most successful. 

More cover, more food, less predation and warmer weather, all have a positive effect on their success rate. 

Today she was relaxing after a good feed at the bridge with her 7 ducklings and her mate close by. She and her mate are both moulting, and their new feather growth is timed to coincide with the ducklings full feather growth as well, in another month or so, she will let the ducklings go fend for themselves.

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