Wednesday, 7 April 2021

April Fool

 It's common knowledge on the lower Riverside not to disturb nesting birds. There are signs posted to that effect. In addition, Local Harbour users, including canoeists, Kayakers, and paddle boarders also know to keep away from the Swans and waterbirds above the Bailey Bridge. 

Last Thursday, April fools day lived up to it's name, a  paddle boarder was seen upsetting our resident nesting swan, forcing her to get off the nest at this critical time of year. The Swans are in the middle of egg laying and are a star attraction on the river. The River Nairn Swans and Waterfowl Trust manage the welfare of our waterbirds and spend over £3000 a year doing so. We have around 200 members who contribute to their wellbeing, and expect compliance from water sports enthusiasts and everyone else to respect the precious wildlife, their habitat and environment. The photo supplied by a Trust member shows the paddle boarder shortly before the Swan left the nest. For thousands of years humans have hunted wildlife with sticks and clubs, a paddle boarder with a paddle is a valid perceived threat to all waterbirds. The only paddlers we want to see on the river, have webbed feet below. 

The area above the Bailey bridge is a no go area for frivolous human activity as far as the Trust and river wildlife are concerned. Trust members are asked to record all encroachments into the wildlife domain. 

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