Thursday, 13 May 2021

All Ramped Up

Heavy rain today puts a dampener on everything, even Disco and her ducklings have had more than enough, and taken to the dry Aviary. 

                            I have been putting finishing touches to the Island Moat ramps. These will be vital to the cygnets after they hatch, unlike ducklings they cannot jump, and have to clamber up the banks. I laid the Turf, kindly donated by RB landscapes Nairn.  A small detail, but the ability for the newly hatched cygnets to get out of the water and back to the nest is vital.  Survival is often down to luck, like what the weather throws at them when newly hatched. A fast flowing flooded river can be a deadly place for ducklings and cygnets. 

 Hopefully the weather will improve soon and all will be well. The Trust tries to ensure an optimum start for our resident swans. 

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