Sunday, 26 June 2022

Disco Befriends Injured Duck

 Caring for the injured duck and her ducklings is an awkward business, with Saffron and her growing family eager to attack the new incomers.

 The injured mother duck is on the mend but has an injury to her left eye. 

The eyelid membrane which protects the eye when under water or in flight has been damaged, it appears to be effecting her ability to put her head under water.

 She has been limited to the aviary water tubs, and today I confined Saffron and her brood to the aviary. 

This let Disco and the injured mother with ducklings into the garden and use the pond. 

Disco has her broken wing, and also arthritic left leg, so maybe knows the mother duck was injured too. 

Anyway, Disco seemed to befriend the duck and her ducklings as well, which made for a pleasant sunny afternoon.

 This bodes well, as they will be together for the next 7 weeks at least. Short video below.

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