Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Wilson st Fly Tipper Foiled ?

Walking up Harbour St about 4pm, I passed what appears to be a sofa being readied for a dumping in the river ! Right at the entrance to Wilson st, I wonder if the pole in the middle stopped the deed being done ?

Fearing it was going to end up in the river tonight, I walked straight to the council office in the High st to report it. The time was exactly 4.15pm and the office staff phoned to see if it could be uplifted. They were told that the crew finished at 3 pm and that it could'nt be done today !

Chances are it will be in the river by the morning !

We know it's not the councils fault for fly tippers in Wilson st, but not being able to uplift a sofa at 4.15pm mid week is a pretty poor show.

No wonder people get the hump about local government/ councils /paying tax etc.

I'm pretty sure if it's in the river by morning, it will cost more time and effort to remove it than it would have from the street today.

Update: Glad to see no sofa in the river today and thanks to whoever got the thing uplifted !


Anonymous said...

Good work Joe. Keep on the case!

Anonymous said...

I hadn't seen the swans for a bit and was noting a lot of effluent and oil/diesel being around the red and white fishing boat. Glad to see they are ok on my last visit. Stay vigilant.