Thursday, 8 October 2009

Flying Solo

The Cygnets are now all flying solo. They have done several sorties around the bay area watched carefully by the parents. There appears to be one very strong male that always seems to take the lead, maybe a future leader of a big flock. With eight as a starter, I can well imagine other smaller families joining the Nairn cygnets over the next couple of years.

I also took a wee bit of video of the Cygnet that had the hook through it's jaw. As usual it was to the fore when the food was about. I am currently giving them about 4 lbs of carrots a day as well as 2 wholemeal loaves. Divided by 10 it's not as much as it sounds, there is absolutely no food in the river just now.
You can see the swollen jaw on the left, -( it's right jaw.) Lets hope it proves attractive to a future mate !

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