Saturday, 31 October 2009

Duck Bill Improved

After 2 weeks antibiotic treatment, the diseased duck's bill appears to be stabilised. I dont know whether it will ever get back to normal or if it will stay as is. I will no longer continue with the treatment since the infection spread seems to have ceased. It was a worthwhile exercise and it appears in good health. The photo's show before and after the treatment.

Sonny the Seagull is also improving slightly, but the swollen joint is stubbornly still there. He is happy to lie down much of the time and rest it which is the best thing he can do, I merely provide the a la carte menu and meds. He is very partial to Worms, raw mince and pilchards ! (see vid )


Anonymous said...

hi joe well finally made my choice the pup (dexter) moves in today, got everything sorted out and i speak to the vet today about removing its eye, its my first ever dog so gonna be a challenging and exciting time ahead, but looking forward to it ...steve

jayteescot1 said...

Good luck Steve, Having a dog can be very rewarding for the dog and the owner. Since it's your first dog I would listen to experienced dog owners when it comes to training etc. It's easy to make mistakes without realising it. I would also take it to training classes when it's the right age.The main 3 things to remember are exercise, discipline and affection, in that order. You can also get a lot of good info on the internet on dog training etc.Hope all goes well with the Vet.