Thursday, 22 December 2011

Time to Say Goodbye ?

The unseasonal mild snap seems to have triggered the swans into springtime action. This afternoon with wings up they started nipping at the cygnets and chasing them to and fro, - this is usually the prelude to chasing them off for good. ( see short vid below) Ironically when I went down to see them tonight, I was amazed to see eight cygnets instead of the seven they have had for the past 5 weeks, they seem to have picked one up since 4pm today ! It could be a stranger or one of the previous pair that left 5 weeks ago. The coming week gives suitable tides for the cygnets to feed on the rocks along the shore, I would not be at all surprised for the parents to choose this time to give them the final push. Two of the cygnets were posturing on the island, and I managed to get the famous heart shape shot !


Anonymous said...

As night fell yesterday there were 3 swans and one cygnet off the end of the pier, the spate seemed to have put them off an attempt to head up the river. Perhaps there was one of the off-season confrontations at some point in the night?

jayteescot1 said...

Anon, If what you saw was correct then it may account for the new cygnet with our lot. Sounds like it may have been a small group seeing our lot and thinking it was a flock to join up with. Might find out more today.