Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone, and here's to a Happy New Year . Special Thanks to those who have donated to the welfare of the river wildlife. From a very grateful Swan and duck population -Many Thanks !

With seemingly nothing but bad economic news on a daily basis, maybe people should start making some life changing resolutions, and reassessing what really matters in this life ? No longer can people rely on onwards and upwards as far as wealth and living standards are concerned. Reports suggest that house prices will continue to fall for the next 3 years in Scotland, and unemployment likely to be at a standstill for the next decade, creating a lost generation ...again ! Materialism and consumerism I would venture to say has reached it's peak, and people should start living within their means. Food and shelter are essential for survival but much of the rest is not. Society has sucked everyone into believing that we all need continual unending progress, seeking more and more wealth and material things. This has been proved to be the road to ruin and not the road to happiness. Why not pay a visit to The Nairn Community and arts centre on Friday the 13th January at 7.30 pm and watch "Happy" the movie, at it's inaugural showing it inspired many and gives an insight into Happiness. As a member of Action for Happiness I am bringing the film to Nairn, in the hope that it will inspire not only myself but others too. The entrance fee is by way of a minimum donation of £5 per adult and half price for under 18s. The film lasts 75 minutes and proceeds will go to The Young foundation charity to help spread action for happiness around the globe.

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