Friday, 27 January 2012

Council out of Sync

Our resident Swans are biding their time and enjoying relaxed days on the island and river. This week saw the return of one cygnet at the river mouth but flew off when approached by the parents. I notice that there are now 3 moorhens on the island, as well as the Pintail and mallard ducks. The Council have again shown that they are out of sync with the local wildlife, by cutting back all the dense growth beside the old gasworks site and around the harbour toilets . This dense growth was shelter and a food source for lots of small birds including the Robin which was pictured on this blog earlier. Why the hell they cut it now instead of the end of February or early March, shows lack of care and consideration for our local birdlife. It is still mid winter and the birds need the food and shelter ! It's time the parks dept got their pruning schedule for these sort of areas re-organised !


Anonymous said...

the council are unaccountable for their actions , just like every left wing institution.

jayteescot1 said...

The Council do sometimes respond to public opinion and complaints. I would urge people who object to the removal of wildlife habitat, especially at the WRONG TIME OF YEAR to tell the staff at the council offices in the high street, or their local Councillors !

Anonymous said...

Isn't the grounds maintenance department in Nairn now run by a manager in Kinguissie?

jayteescot1 said...

I have no Idea, but have sent the following email to all 4 of our local councillors and John Fraser and Alan Mckinnie, who may be involved in the parks dept.

Hi There,

It would be greatly appreciated by the wildlife and those of us who care for them, if you could prune shrubs and bushes end of February or early March, rather than mid January ! The reason being, that the small birds need all the cover, shelter, and food sources that they can find during the winter months.

I note that two of these local areas, by the old gasworks site and harbour toilets have recently been removed and pruned. This is very much the wrong time of year as far as the welfare of the birds are concerned.

Please take note, and try and schedule this sort of council activity at a more considerate time for the sake of our wildlife .

Yours Sincerely, Etc