Friday, 13 January 2012

Happy Success !

Tonight's screening of "Happy" finished with spontaneous applause from the audience, and rightly so ! Like everyone else I was touched and impressed with this documentary style film by Roko Belic. It covered a lot of Psychology on the effects of happiness and how this can be achieved. From studies it appears that 50% of our genetic makeup already determines if we are of a happy disposition or not, and 40% can be created by ourselves and how we live our lives. Only 10% is determined by wealth and other factors.

I was a little disappointed by the turnout, but 35 happy souls at least covered the cost of the hall and film hire etc, and I will send a donation to Action for happiness of whats left over.

My thanks to all those who turned up and enjoyed the film, maybe Cinema Nairn will bring it back one day for another viewing.


Anonymous said...

Joe, that really was great! First thing Euan said when we got home was " I am thinking about doing some fundraising" :) . I do think it was good for him to see the film/documentary even if he didn't quite "get" it all. The main message was important for kids of his generation! Well done for organising, Elaine

jayteescot1 said...

Hi Elaine, Yeah I enjoyed the film too, touching and uplifting. Thanks for coming along.