Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Expulsion Put on Hold

The bad weather has put the cygnets expulsion on hold for the time being, athough the parents are still keeping them on edge. The three that had been sent to sea yesterday were allowed back today. The tides are not suitable for grazing on the seaweed this week - it should change by the weekend.


grovecanada said...

I went to feed the new Trumpeter family on Tuesday & it was minus 12 celsius...I got to show them the beach which was safer, because where they usually were in the bay had all mostly frozen over...They are so smart they followed me in the water & figured out how to come out of the water onto land though the ground was teeny stones deep so hard to walk out of...I had to coax them a bit & when my shoes & pant cuffs got wet, I realized that over the Christmas holiday, the marina boat people had winterized their boat toilets by flushing them with antifreeze (ethylene glycol)...I know this because my whole pant cuffs stunk of antifreeze & my feet went numb...I am so mad about this...I have written to people about antifreeze dumping at ports & marinas, but already a seagull & a rock dove had succumbed when I got there...(I realized after why they they were laying in the park area as I walked by...) Myself I am taking magnesium tablets to offset the mercury poison in my gallbladder, & feeling is returning to my hands & feet...While I was sitting near an expired fire there watching the Trumpeters eat, I thought I was going to die of exposure...One of the Canada geese had a partially frozen corneal meniscus come off- but I think she will be fine & not lose her eyesight in the left eye...The cliffs are Dolomite, so I am hoping that the magnesium in that rock will clear out the antifreeze quickly...Just why dump it all at once, the antifreeze? Christmas holidays have become a time for sloth, I am sad about the state of the human condition...I prefer the company of the waterbirds to people...When did humans become so boring?

jayteescot1 said...

Hi Grove, Wondered what had happened to you.

We have mild wet and windy weather over here, rather have the frost and snow myself ! Sounds like you'll have to get the authorities to act on the anti freeze pollution over there, lethal stuff ! How on earth did you get mercury poisoning...have'nt been chewing a thermometer have you ? No boredom over here with our swans today, see my next posting ! Glad to see you back .