Sunday, 8 January 2012

Cygnet Backup !

In a remarkable turnaround since the Friday departure of the cygnets, the pen has brought them back to save the territory and her mate ! Another large older Cob has come in and tried to take over on the same day that the cygnets left. I think he partially succeeded by the look of our Cob who has several marks to his bill and was pretty exhausted on Friday. I think the Pen realised that they had chased the cygnets too soon and brought them back yesterday, accompanied by the Intruder cob ! She gave him the brush off and took the cygnets up river calling for her mate at the same time. Over the last 2 years another Cob has come in each January but the cygnets being around stopped any takeover bid. Our Swans were a little too quick to get rid of them this year which resulted in a serious fight between the cobs. Today the family are together again and crawling all over the island in a show of unity and strength.The pen is shrewd and very much the boss on this river. ( short video of pen and cygnets in the harbour with the intruder, who was left as they looked for their Dad.)

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