Friday, 6 January 2012

Cygnets Gone !

Last night our resident Swan family gathered under the bailey bridge, sheltering from a ferocious and cutting wind. After giving them a feed, I took a pic knowing it might be the last chance. Today there was no sign of the cygnets, and the parents only turned up together this evening. It looks as though our cygnets have finally gone, I was told that there is a flock of 30 to 40 cygnets at Ardersier. With the wind coming from that direction it is likely that our lot will have joined them for life's great adventure ! This evening Our resident pair had already started their pre mating ritual in anticipation of the spring, this is the earliest I have ever observed them doing this. (short video below.) This has been the most successful year yet for the Nairn swans, with all 9 cygnets reared to adulthood. Although winter is not yet over, the cygnets have built up enough reserves to survive whatever comes now.

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