Thursday, 12 January 2012

See Happy - Be Happy !

The DVD film of Happy has arrived, and will be shown in the Nairn Community centre this Friday at 7-30 pm. Admission £5 per adult and half price for under 18s. Happy is a documentary style film which took over 5 years to make by Roco Belic, an academy nominated award film director. It explores the secrets of Happiness and what we can all do to have a happier life. Why not start the New Year on a positive note and see the film ? This is a one off showing, so I hope there will be a good turnout. Proceeds will go to the Young Foundation Charity.


Elaine said...

looking forward to it Joe

jayteescot1 said...

So am I.

Elaine said...

Joe, that really was great! First thing Euan said when we got home was " I am thinking about doing some fundraising" :) .
I do think it was good for him to see the film/documentary even if he didn't quite "get" it all. The main message was important for kids of his generation!

Well done for organising,