Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Solo's Release

With the Sun shining and the other young cygnet still in the river it was time to release Solo back to the wild.

Was sad to take her from the peace and security of the garden, but the time was right and she was in good health, although she was enjoying a sleep after her breakfast !

The tide was high and the resident family were up by the merryton bridge, so I took Solo down past the Swans island where she could make a quick getaway to the sea if required. 

Her joy at being in plenty of water after 10 days in a paddling pool was obvious. She cavorted, dipped and splashed around, giving herself a much needed bath and even had a quick wing flap along the top.

Taking a few pics I left her to it, hopefully she will meet up with the other cygnet  and they can start life's journey together. (Short video below after release)

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