Friday, 8 November 2013

Solo Back in Rehab

After 3 days in the river and Solo still not flying off to pastures new, It is obvious that Solo is unable to fly away, even after harassment from Penny and Popeye. Perhaps the main reason is being too young, and having injured herself on maybe her first flight she lacks the confidence and experience to fly again. 

Whatever the reason, it is too dangerous leaving her to the mercy of our resident swans for any longer. With neap tides over the coming week she would be unable to feed on seaweed, even if she was allowed to reach the sea. 

The sensible thing was to bring her back to the safety of the Aviary and garden until she is a little more mature, then introduce her to other newly fledged cygnets, well away from our territorial residents ! Short video below of wing exercises)  

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