Thursday, 21 November 2013

Solo Moves On

After 4 weeks TLC with the River Nairn Swans and Waterfowl Trust, Solo our lonely Cygnet has now moved on, courtesy of the Scottish SPCA

Today one of the Local SPCA Inspectors took Solo to their Inverness depot where she will be transferred to Fishcross wildlife centre for integration with other Cygnets.
I will miss Solo for she was a gentle cygnet but badly in need of other swan company, in fact she was beginning to view me as a close companion, and actually entered the house today for a quick look around !

Swans instinctively seek the company of other swans for they have a gregarious nature, except when they pair up, then they are highly territorial. Solo has fully recovered from her leg injury and should be able to take off when the time comes. 

It would have been nice if our Nairn Swans would have accepted her, but Popeye and Penny will be chasing their offspring soon. A few  pics of solo today, and take note of the last pic where Millie my dog does not even get off the couch when solo was in the living room !

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