Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Trust Hits Headlines

Regular viewers will be aware of the recent spate of Swan injuries due to fishing tackle.

 The Trust felt obliged to bring this to the general public's attention and gave details to the Nairnshire Telegraph, our Local weekly newspaper.

 The Editor considered this worthy of Front page coverage for which the Trust is grateful.

The Trust is dedicated to the health and welfare of our River waterfowl, and would like to see their patch of the river free from as many dangers as is humanly possible. 

With this aim in mind we would like to see an end to fishing between the A96 road bridge and the Bailey bridge downstream. We have written to the Nairn Angling Association, the Nairn Ward manager to consult with the Common good Trustees, and also the water Bailiff, to see if we can get approval for this proposal.
I would like to point out that the Nairnshire Telegraph story is accurate save the last paragraph where the Editor declared Mr Telfer as "himself a member of Nairn Angling Association" . This is not the case, I am an Ex member as of many years past. I have been an angler most of my life and fully understand the feelings and passion of all anglers to fish. I also believe that genuine anglers appreciate the natural world they observe around them when fishing. 

It is sometimes unavoidable to get snagged and lose tackle, one of the hazards of fishing, but genuine skilled anglers do take great care to retrieve their tackle if possible. I know that most Local anglers fish above the road bridge and feel sure they would not be averse to the creation of a Sanctuary / Haven  for our water birds, which they also enjoy seeing on the river. This proposal leaves no room for ambiguity, and would be beneficial to the whole town, and even help with the preservation of Salmon stocks. The Trust now has 169 members some of whom live on the riverside and help keep an eye on the wildlife. Most towns in the country would love to have a river running through it, with a river wildlife Sanctuary / haven to call their own. We hope everyone can support our call for this proposal, and keep our Swans and ducks safe in their environment.    

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