Saturday, 20 August 2016

Order Restored

After a pretty traumatic week for the Swans, calm and order returned once more to the riverside. 

The weather has also been kind for Nairn Games day. 

Penny is walking normally, and her hook episode seems over.


Wendy Grocott-Jones said...

I am so glad that Penny has recovered so well. Our cob, Vulcan, on the Sankey canal in Newton-Le-Willows has sustained an injury too. The swan family climb out of the water onto a sloping, grassy verge put it by the local council a couple of years ago as a cheap repair to the canal bank side. This is next to a widened tarmac path again put in by the council recently, as a "ride to work" cycle path, along which many cyclists tear along at a great pace, with what seems like little regard for pedestrians or waterfowl. Last year the previous cob who had lived on this stretch of canal for years before the slope and path had been made, was killed by a cyclist speeding up to pass the swan who was protecting his cygnets. Vulcan appears to have been struck by a bicycle or kicked out at by a cyclist. Youths have been witnessed riding as close as possible to the swans to try to get a reaction and then they kick out at whichever swan is busking or hissing. His left leg has been held up on his body at a strange angle for a couple of weeks now. The local RSPCA was alerted but they didn't come out till the next day and then looked at the pen rather than the cob! He limped down into the water using his right leg and his left wing tip as a crutch. Photos were sent to Dan Sidley, the founder of the Swan Rescue in York and he assured us that the leg didn't look broken. I trawled through your blogs, Joe and found a photo of a white duck with pulled ligaments which looked exactly the same as our swan. Thankfully, he is beginning to use it a little more as each day passes. So we hope for a full recovery soon.

jayteescot1 said...

Hi Wendy, as usual humans lack of consideration for wildlife and just out and out badness as well. Maybe you could get the council to fence the area used by the swans to keep them safe from cyclists ?

Swans are capable of rotating their legs a considerable amount and often rest them on their backs, particularly if they have sustained an injury. They are capable of fixing themselves but it can take a long time for muscle or ligaments to heal. Hope all works out OK. Joe.