Saturday, 13 August 2016

Weeks Events

The cygnet that had the hook removed from it's throat appears to have made a full recovery after the ordeal.

Relentless rain virtually every day has not helped my mood, and has left the Aviary in a mess, unable to dry out. 

Some large broken trees from last weeks gale force winds were washed down river, and shifted a fair amount of shingle in the process.
The mother duck whose brood of eight I am currently caring for is nesting again ! 

 This is late in the season, and the weather is likely to be against any broods that hatch late.
With high water most of the week the Salmon run is well and truly on the go, and I suspect most of the fish are already well up river.

Penny has regrown her new feathers and should be starting the cygnets pre flying lessons any day now. 

The Call ducklings are as cute as ever....they're  the only bright thing about last week !

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