Monday, 20 February 2017

Nairnshire Committee Rubber Stamp Propaganda

I attended the Nairnshire Committee meeting today in the hope that they would have a rethink and deal with the reality of the petition for a wildlife haven. I was badly let down listening to the long preamble about the harbour plans for the future, as I detected another land and water grab by the boating fraternity for the few. 
Up came the subject of the petition, with no references to either my letters, or others that had been sent in, or the 1250 who supported the idea. Highland council propaganda department reasons / excuses to turn it down were adopted, and our meek councillors were happy to rubber stamp it. To me this was just another symptom of a world gone mad in the same category as Trump and Brexit. What else can I say except the Nairn river wildlife are now under threat more than ever - you have been warned - before the election!
I might add that the public could attend the meeting but are not allowed to speak. I will be asking the Councillors for full details of who compiled the HC report, and who furnished the advice and where is the evidence of such advice given, relative to the tidal area of the River, etc. 
Anyone who knows me would never in a million years have mentioned river bird  pollution, considering I have been reporting human river sewage pollution to the authorities for over 10 years. Whoever mentioned the above knows nothing about me or the river.
The trust will continue to speak out for the indigenous river birds who have no voice,  this is one advantage that our species have !

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