Thursday, 16 February 2017


Good News Folks, Penny returned today and reunited with Duke, I am overjoyed to see them together again, and no sign of the young pretenders either.

Both of them were pretty happy to see me as well, they both had an appetite which is what I expected now that they were together again. Duke was eating with a bit more gusto, and penny of course scoffed her favourite, 2 moist fresh  wholemeal rolls, and a handful of grain.

They then settled down to shake and preen and have a nap.

                     I still have a smile on my face as I write. True to form Penny played a wise and patient game and Duke stuck to his territory in anticipation, he waited in the estuary this morning and the wind was ideal for Penny to have a quick look to see if he had returned.

Tonight I left them both on the island, back in control. I think there will be a royal battle if the young pretenders show up again, it wont be so easy to shift them now !

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