Tuesday, 14 February 2017


High Drama on the river today when Penny was attacked by the new pair of Swans coming into the river.
I have not seen Penny for 3 days, but she was at the Merryton bridge looking for some sustenance this morning. I was so pleased to see her looking in such good condition, after I gave her some anti parasite medication about a week ago. 

The two incomers were down by the island and tried to come up twice to attack her, my presence prevented them from getting close and I stayed as long as the incoming tide would allow.

Eventually I had to retreat to the bank, and the young pair moved in to attack ! 

The cob was very determined and aggressive and managed to catch the back of Penny with his bill I thought she would fall into the water as she tried to escape, but eventually broke free and flew a safe distance. The Cob was not content and attacked her again and again, driving her downstream below the bailey bridge. The young pair then had a bonding session as they celebrated a valentines day victory.
I returned home awaiting news of the vets inspection of Duke at the wildlife centre. This afternoon I finally got the news I was desperate for. DUKE IS COMING HOME TOMORROW AFTERNOON, can our John Wayne of the river SAVE THE DAY ?
He has been give a clean bill of health, Will he be too late to save the territory for Penny and himself ?
The Vets think it was a severe bacterial infection and no toxins were found. He is not eating particularly well but they think it's due to stress being away from his partner.

The Drama continues, with a pollution incident at mid day, just minutes after Penny was driven downstream the water turned cloudy and a passing dog walker told me he saw massive pollution coming into the River from the Auldearn burn ! I phoned SEPA and Environmental health who are currently investigating.

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