Saturday, 12 December 2009

Pictorial River Review 2009

This is my 101st posting, The cygnets are also 7 months old today and still in the river.

The weather is a repeat of this
time last year when we had some spectacular frosts. Seems like the right time for an annual review, so I will start with the tragedy of Sonny whom I will never forget !

Christmas eve from the west pier.

Picture postcard frosts !

Island almost flooded on January 12th, the swans inspecting the levels for nesting. I added another few inches to the nest area just in case !

Intruder Cob tries to take over the Pen and territory in January.

After 3 weeks our resident duo managed to get rid of the Intruder !

The Cobs Battle scars.

This young Swan made a visit in March.

Swan Lake, and the start of something big !

The big day, with first cygnets hatching !

Severe harbour pollution after a boat got hung up on the slipway!

My beautiful Jemima shows me her 15 chicks of which only 3 survived, mainly because she stayed within the moat area of the island during the first month of their existence.

Another senseless crime with the catapult killing of another relative of blondie. I dont believe in capital punishment, but the bas***d responsible should be stoned !

Cob and Goosander soaking up the sun !

Just had to take the shot.

Talk about living on the edge !

Sister of blondie killed by a catapult, this was after she lost all 10 of her chicks to hoodie crows ! A real crime !

Blondie with her 16 ducklings which were all killed within 10 days, mainly by hoodie crows !

Dog poo bin being used for litter on the west pier because no litter bin available for tourists !

A watchful Pen supervises the nursery feeding time !

High summer and 2 deer grazing happily close to the river.

One of the few summer days we were all waiting for, and a rather lovely scene in the harbour.

I removed this hook and line from one of the cygnets, was a close call and could have been fatal.

Cats and canoeists....what next !

Canoeists punting their way upstream and chasing all the wildlife. Having crossed swords with them I was charged with breach of the peace. Too bad the wildlife dont have a lawyer ! ...Case was dismissed

I reckon that one is a born leader!

Gulls fast food centre conveniently laid on ! The council did take notice of my advice and have since moved some bins and upgraded others !

Ominous clouds and threatening skies !

Sewage pollution pouring into the river, a repeat of previous years !
Scottish water fixed the problem and warned us all to stop putting fat down the drains.....again !

One of my best shots of a peacock butterfly during a late summer day!

Stormy scene across the firth !

Big Spate of september 4th, Swans Island took a battering but stood up well.

Stunning September sunset over fishertown.

Mink taken up residence at the west pier!

Duck with diseased or damaged bill is still surviving , hopefully the cold frosty weather will not finish it off !

The seal dining on Salmon yet again !


Andy said...

Superb photos and a great commentary on the inhabitants of a very special river.

jayteescot1 said...

Like yourself Andy, I too am an amateur photographer. I hope I have given people some pleasure and appreciation of our local wildlife.
I think it helps the wildlife and the profile of Nairn too.