Saturday, 13 February 2010

Job Done !

Again no sign of the cygnets in the river today, they have finally gone. It is possible one or two might return briefly, but as far as the parents are concerned - Job done! What a fantastic job it was too, they cared for them, disciplined them, educated them and ushered them away when the time was right. Interestingly last years brood were also ushered away when the weather was high pressure and settled, this gives them the best flying conditions whatever direction they choose to go. Today the parents were tranquil and relaxed on their island enjoying a well earned rest, within a month or so the whole cycle will begin again. I will also get a break from slicing 6lbs of carrots daily, but i'm sure it helped the cygnets get healthily through the winter.

Can I remind everyone that the resident pair will be somewhat off their food for a while since it's approaching the mating season again. The pen will be very picky about what she eats now, this is natural because of the egg producing cycle, so please dont attempt to feed them any kind of white bread ever. Remember they are long term residents and should only have the best for the benefit of their long term health. With the increased daylight hours the seaweed should become more available and the pair will eat this at low tide off the end of the piers.

My thanks to all who have contributed to the successful season, roll on the next one.

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