Thursday, 11 February 2010

Swan Flight & Goose Update

Been a very eventful day, was lucky enough to be on the river when the cygnets headed down stream into the sea. The reason - to catch the light wind and have a flight around the fishertown again. Nice to see them all together again and flying daily, I managed a short video clip on their approach to the merryton bridge .

The other big event was deciding to take the loose goose home for it's own safety. Getting caught by a dog is a distinct possibility. This afternoon I headed for the west pier and thought I might be too late, for a spaniel was running wild along the beach heading straight for where the goose was standing ! I started running along the pier and got to the end when the goose saw me and started running to the base of the pier. I ran down the steps and threw it some corn which it started to eat, so picked it up and managed to put it in a cardboard box which was barely big enough to accomodate it. So it is now in the garage sitting on a bed of straw and happily eating a wide variety of food. I will have to make further arrangements for it, either in the form of a paddling pool or another location ! At least it's safe for the moment.

Meanwhile, enjoy the cygnet pics and video.


Graisg said...

Try the Nairnshire or Donald at the Highland News Joe? good home wanted for friendly goose?

jayteescot1 said...

The goose is determined to be free, bit of a braveheart I think ! After the great escape I hope it survives.