Tuesday, 29 June 2010

More Quackers

I see we have another brood of 7 new quackers on the lower river again, this is in addition to a recent duck with 2 little ones. It's been a great year for Mallards with about 48 survivors to date.

There is a also a chance that we will still get another late brood or two yet.

Sadly I appear to have lost another one of mine, with two remaining Duck and Drake doing well.
I think the predators have taken about 60% this year which is a huge improvement on last year when we lost over 90%.

Jemima has 4 survivors and I have Nipper which is also one of hers that got lost on the way to the river. Nipper is growing so fast it is developing a condition called "angel wing". This is when the outer developing flight feathers point outward and do not fold up neatly on the back. It is on the right wing only and I am taking remedial action to correct it, by taping the wing for 4 or 5 days.
Meanwhile Nipper is taking the place over, and intimidates my dog which I put in the garden for Nipper's protection against predators ! It does give the dog a makeover, ( see video below.)

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