Thursday, 24 June 2010

Spartan Sparrows

It's not only big is beautiful when it comes to birds, take for instance our little common Sparrow.

All too often we take them for granted, but what hardy little birds they are. I cant help but admire how they managed to get through last winter, which was prolonged and incredibly cold for small birds. I took the opportunity to get some shots of a small friend whom I feed everyday during my river walk. She is literally working her tail off feeding 3 youngsters, as one of her tail feathers fell out yesterday!

I think they are truly Spartan birds, and their happy chirping in the bushes and trees is most enjoyable to hear. In the dead of winter they are the spark of life which are a most welcome sight. I will continue to feed them in the garden all the year round.


E.Maree said...

When I'm up in my study I see quite a few of these guys in the trees outside. Their plumage looks fantastic in the sunlight!

jayteescot1 said...

Some people perhaps think that brown is boring. Sparrows have such a variation and great sculptured look though.