Friday, 18 February 2011

Goosander and Goldeneye

The High tide this week has brought in some newcomers. Yesterday I saw 3 Goldeneye, one male and two females - earlier a Male Goosander and two females, also doing a spot of fishing. (See video below of female Goosander fishing in the harbour. ) The sea is still throwing quite a swell and the tide will be 4.9 on Sunday at 1.30pm. The Dunes on the central west beach are likely to be eroded still further. I wonder when were going to get some double digit temperatures, it's been freezing or single digits since November! I think the Swans will start nesting when the temperatures rise into double digits. Many of the Mallards are starting to pair up and disperse up river, I'm hoping for a repeat of last years successful breeding.

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