Friday, 13 April 2012

Alien Invaders

When I was a kid 55 years ago, one of the annual play events was making pea shooters from a plant with hollow stems - Japanese Knotweed. Today interestingly enough, I take a dietary supplement called Resveratrol - partly made from Japanese Knotweed ! The other two particular Alien invaders that seem to be the most troublesome are Giant Hogweed and Himalayan balsam. Of the three, the most dangerous to human health is Giant hogweed. I recall about 30 years ago down at Mundole near Forres, a young child who unwittingly had been playing along the riverside and come into contact with the giant hogweed. She was covered in huge watery blisters like having been scalded with boiling water, it was really bad ! The Himalayan Balsam is much more benign, and extremely attractive to bees, which I understand are most attracted to the colour red. They are so prolific at spreading because of their exploding seed pods. The biggest alien threat is undoubtedly the Giant hogweed, and should be first on the elimination list !

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