Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Last One

How sad it is to see only one duckling left out of 14 hatched so far. This morning she still had the two and the tide was well in, yet this afternoon at 4pm she showed up with only one. So much for those who think there are loads of ducks on the river. Up until now I know of 2 ducks that have lost all their eggs to the tide, and the other two who had 14 ducklings between them now have only 1 left will also probably be lost ! This would make it 4 adults with no survivors.


Bill said...

Just goes to show despite all your feeding Joe as to how unsuitable our river is for the poor ducks to breed on, a mixture of high tides and natural predators, neither of which we can change

jayteescot1 said...

The high spring Tides do catch some out, but the Hoodie crows that have taken up residence in the spruce trees are an increasing hazard, along with people who still throw bread for the gulls, in the vicinity of the ducklings.
The proliferation of dogs that prowl the riverside does not help either.