Sunday, 24 May 2015

Harbour Street Rescue

One of the light coloured ducks rescued last year has come up trumps by hatching 11 little beauties herself.
I knew she was nesting close to harbour street but not the exact position until yesterday. 

It turned out she was nesting behind ...wait for it... Hideaway cottage !  It was so apt and well hidden among brambles and nettles ...unfortunately behind a 4 foot wall with no escape route for the hatched ducklings. 

After gaining permission from the owners of the Cottage and the Bothy, I planned the rescue with the help of Eddie Lang a local man with a love of nature. After some scratches and tussle we managed to catch both Mum and Ducklings who are now happily safe at the rescue centre. I would like to thank the residents of the Hideaway Cottage and The Bothy in harbour street for their permission and good will, as well as Eddie for a job well done. 

One of the Ducklings is pure yellow and will turn white in 6 weeks time, her Mother must be carrying the white Campbell duck gene, just like 3 previous ones a few years back. The Crows would have this duckling in five minutes, so none of these ducklings will be released until safe to do so.

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