Tuesday, 12 May 2015

The First.......of Many !

For the 8th year Popeye and Penny have done the business and started to hatch their cygnets. Today I expected the hatch and was not disappointed. For a brief moment the skies were clear and I saw the first one appear from under her wings. 

The weather ensured that it was brief, because the heavy showers and cold wind made her tuck them under her protective wings. I did manage however to get a few shots as Penny gave herself a clean underneath. I am fully expecting at least 8 but possibly her record of 9 yet again.

The cold weather is a problem and might drive her into the harbour for shelter too quickly, plus the fact that the resident Otters pose a real threat to the cygnets.

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Anonymous said...

The shots with the single cygnet poking his head out are especially lovely. They are like "Hello World" pictures