Thursday, 10 September 2015

All At Sea - Swans Protocol

An anxious few hours for Penny this morning as Popeye took the Cygnets on an extended sea journey - well along the coast.

Penny was pacing up and down the river calling for her beloved family for over 2 hours. Eventually I spotted them about half a mile away, with Popeye leading them back home.

After entering the river mouth, the cygnets did a short run - flight up the river after spotting Penny who was heading down stream to meet them.

An aggressive posture was adopted by both parties until the usual swan protocols were observed and bonding was complete.

Valuable knowledge was no doubt gained by the cygnets.
Series of pics tells the story.


Anonymous said...

Great sequence of shots. Lovely to see them making the classic heart shape and the cygnets catching up with mum and dad.

jayteescot1 said...

Glad you like them, the distance meant the clarity was impaired, but the message was clear.