Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Autumn Rain Arrives

With what has been a non existent summer, Autumn seems to have arrived early as well ! I can honestly say this has been poorest Summer I can ever recall, with real summer days that could be counted on one hand!
I have also noticed the distinct lack of insect life this year, even my own garden is usually buzzing, but not this year.

Yesterdays heavy rain has dumped the usual overflow of grey drain water and contents into the river and moved some debris from upstream.

 A tree is currently blocking the moat but I am hopeful that my Pal Bill Pirie, with his trusty chain saw will soon remove it.

The mother duck shown on previous post has lost one duckling and I don't fancy the chances of the last wee one, with the long cold nights, lack of insect life and Crows !  
The birds have taken to the island haven with the high tides and river in spate.

Meanwhile my local Sparrowhawk is surveying the local prey !

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